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. highly soluble, easily absorbed. natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost! oh and did we mention it's only 50 calories? need a lift? could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. >>> well looks like it's going to be a rainy wednesday throughout the morning and afternoon we're locked in the green in the rain. not a lot of snow on the map. here's the seattle area. looks like heavier heading over top of you. moderate rain if you're leaving in the next hour. toward the olympics we had a bunch of rain. toward olympia, a lot of rain. portland same for you. keep the umbrella out today. dry in southern california. as we go towards tomorrow t cold front kicks in. we have the chance of a few thunderstorms with it. active weather, we like it. >> the more green you show us, the better right about now. >>> john travolta acknowledged he butchered idina mendes name in the oscars. he said he went on to say, quote, what would idina mendes say? she'd say let it go, let it go. that's the song she sang in the movie. >>> so much att
. you see the radar kind of clearing itself out as little energy, the storm system with it is moving through northern nevada and going to head up through areas around salt lake city during the day today. as far as the northwest goes, looks like portland, you're dry. still another slug of moisture coming into the seattle area. olympia, northwards, puget sound, a little bit of rain. some rain shadow they call it from the olympics will keep you dry, down right around the water level. as far as the forecast goes today, there will somebody damp weather, showers in the northwest, but not the heavy rain like yesterday. little cooler in san francisco. not bad. 61. that's your national forecast. >>> so after the big rainstorm in l.a., we went through friday and now it looks kind of quiet. >> quiet can be good. >> little bit of time to dry out. we need a little more though. >> bill karins, thank you very much. >>> still to come, closic cars getting a new lease on life. holy slip. the pope delivers a blessing with a curse. we'll explain in two minutes. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2